is a world resource retailer and B2B manufacturing partner providing the largest selection of
prop quality human skeleton reproductions available to end users as well as an extended dealer and reseller

Among our goals of maintaining product availability & prompt order fulfillment, development of new products, and
the reviving of some previously discontinued favorites, our primary focus will be on preserving and enhancing
the quality dealer relationships that have been established over the years.

It is my sincere objective that the MrSkeleton team continues to promote and extend our close-knit haunt, prop,
and entertainment community. Our clients know they can count on a consistently high level of service, attention
and support they've come to enjoy over the years. We are committed to your success! It’s to this end that we
have pledged our commitment to maintain a proactive, win-win and progressive company that continually evolves
to meet the evolving needs of the communities that we serve.

We understand the value of a customer-centric company and we look forward to developing products and
offering solutions and that enhances your efforts. Because MrSkeleton exists as your partner in profits and
success, I'd like to encourage you to engage me directly with your ideas, issues, solutions and needs.

Relationship and innovation is what drives successful collaboration. Your experiences & successes are both
important and instructive to us towards developing the best possible offerings. Your interaction allows us to be
creative and responsive in an evolving and dynamic marketplace. Please use
 this form  to send any questions
or comments and otherwise see some of our business philosophies on
this page. Here's to a great 2008!

Best Regards,
Jeff Nix
Jeff Nix
President, MrSkeleton
Welcome to, your world class B2B resource for the most extensive line of skeletal
components available; providing affordable, anatomically accurate reproduction models and accessories
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