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About this site
This Network of MrSkeleton web pages contains information, images, text, and other materials that are provided for your business
development, support, and enjoyment. Most all graphic references, links, logos, banners, net gallery photo links, and other mentions
used in this site were obtained from somebody else's site on the grand public domain we call the internet. I didn’t ask permission
from anyone to borrow their work but I’d hope they'd be flattered by the use of their fine material
I suppose there is an extremely small, but nonzero chance that somebody I borrowed from may discover their stuff here. Maybe they’
ll like what I’ve done with it. If so, that would be a happy coincidence cause I am pleased with the result!    

Just to be safe, I’ve added a universal disclaimer that should do the job nicely. I've seen other disclaimers but I can say without
hyperbole that this is a million times better than all of them put together.

Terms of use:
Feel free to use these materials in any way you see fit... You can cut, copy, staple, bend, paste, size, color, forward, link to, cross-
reference, manipulate, convert, revert, alter, jpeg, upeg, ipeg, we peg, you get the idea... nuff said.

Should you choose to use any of the linked out stuff you would of course be doing so under the conditions of those sites... so
handle yourself in a fashion consistent with this notice and their threats of life-long imprisonment for having done so.. but I wouldn’t  
worry about it.  

Use of photos:
There is no private claim to any of the pictures so as far as I'm concerned my pictures are your pictures. If you want to copy any of
the photos, you may do so. You don't have to send me an email asking if you can, just do it... I just said you could, so there! There's
no copyright silliness involved here have yourself a ball.
If you would like to copy them to enjoy elsewhere or store them on your own computer but are not sure just how to do that, Click
Here to find out how.   

This site has a privacy policy... sort of
Although we are a commercial site we don’t have advertising (yet) - we don’t ask for your name, your favorite color or your secret
question. We don’t use cookies to track your visit. We don’t want to know your email address either and we're not going to ask you
to sign any goofy guest book. If we do decide to market any contact information, we will solicit you directly about it specifically. If you
should email us we won’t sell, give away, lease, forward, or announce your address - to anyone - for any reason, at any time -
ever...  How’s that for privacy?

email me if you have any questions, suggestions, comments or otherwise. Also, let me know if you find any mistakkes or dead links.

Best Regards,
Jeff Nix
Jeff Nix
President, MrSkeleton
Ya gotta laugh a little...
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