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Bucky Transparent
Bucky Transparent
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Bucky Skull ~ Transparent - First Quality - Returning item in late 2009

The classic Bucky three piece, life sized skull in transparent cast, budget quality, anatomically
accurate human skull available.
The Bucky skull features a movable jaw with springs on either side and removable calvarium.

Size: 5"w x 8-1/2"h x 6"d -  weight = 30 ounces

The skull can be painted or toned additionally using latex or oil based paint, solvent based stain, spray
enamel and other finishes. It is manufactured from medium density PVC and can be drilled, sanded, cut, heat
modified, and altered to suit.

The Transparent Bucky skull is first quality. The tone of the transparency may differ among finished product.
Transparent Bucky Skull demo video coming soon
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