Who is MrSkeleton.com?

Is MrSkeleton affiliated with The Anatomical Chart Company? Does it sell the Bucky products?
Through it's parent company, MrSkeleton is a dealer for the ACC line of medical models. There is otherwise no direct affiliation with, nor is
MrSkeleton part of, a division of, or partnered with ACC. The MrSkeleton product line is not produced by, purchased from, or sold under the
auspices of ACC. The line is not marketed as Bucky's Boneyard products, rather as MrSkeleton products. MrSkeleton does not reference the
Bucky nomenclature in it's product line nor does it represent that it markets the Bucky line. MrSkeleton markets it's own line of skeletal products
and enjoys the benefit of free market competition in complete cooperation with, and not as a competitor to ACC.

Is MrSkeleton related to any others now marketing the former ACC Bucky line?
MrSkeleton.com supplies an extensive dealer network as well as online and storefront marketers. Although MrSkeleton purveys its own line of
products, many resellers prefer to use the original Bucky nomenclature in their sales efforts. The official Bucky line retailer offers products
similar to MrSkeleton's line, otherwise MrSkeleton.com is not related one to other suppliers.

What happened to ACC and the original Bucky skeleton line? Is anyone selling those products now?
In early 2006, ACC reduced the Bucky line to five products only. With the line scaled back, MrSkeleton.com began marketing the discontinued
items. With professional respect to our relationship with ACC and by agreement,
MrSkeleton.com recognized the partnership between ACC and
it's principal reseller. In collaboration with the reseller and In good faith, we committed to not selling the core products in a directly competitive
environment with the ACC representative marketing company. We supported their efforts, referred our customers to them as appropriate and
exchanged mutually beneficial business development progress, enjoying a professional and reciprocal relationship.
Within our good faith
measures, it was understood that ACC would continue to market the five remaining Bucky products as exclusive to ACC and MrSkeleton.com
would exclusively market the discontinued line.

In July 2008, the
ACC representative marketing company began selling select of MrSkeleton's exclusive line. The evidence of our product on
their site effectively signaled their desire to compete rather than collaborate. Their decision opened the opportunity for MrSkeleton to market a
newly expanded and comprehensive product line. In essence, had MrSkeleton.com not re-established the discontinued line,  it would not have
existed in the marketplace at all.

Is MrSkeleton.com a retailer or wholesaler?
We’re first and foremost a wholesale supplier, we also sell our product to the retail end-user. We market, sell to and service a dealer community
of resellers who in turn, market our products to their retail & end user markets. For dealer and reseller account information, see This page You
may also email MrSkeleton @
info@mrskeleton.com or call 1-678-478-5722  

Will ACC & Bucky’s Boneyard resellers automatically qualify for MrSkeleton reseller accounts?
In most cases ACC & BBY resellers will also qualify for a MS dealership. Since MS is a dealer-centric manufacturer/distributor rather than a
“wholesale to the public” supplier, ACC resellers will not automatically migrate to MS. In our Dealer-centric program, MS has minimum purchase
and volume maintenance thresholds therefore Dealer/Reseller candidates will have to apply for a reseller account by requesting a new dealer
info kit at

Will MrSkeleton be selling to haunters groups or non traditional group or bulk buyers?
We will sell in bulk to group buy organizers, event & gathering group buys, Pro haunts for their on site retail sales, and other non-dealer
groups. Bulk purchase inquiries should be emailed to MrSkeleton @
info@mrskeleton.com or call 1-678-478-5722  
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