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About MrSkeleton.com  See also FAQ
MrSkeleton is a world class manufacturer / distributor and the exclusive business-to-business supplier, retailer and reseller resource for
the extended line of skeletal models formerly marketed as "Bucky’s Boneyard" Our dealer and reseller program is available to confirmed
retails sales concerns, related supply chain companies and business-to-consumer companies.

Prospective dealers or resellers may download a

If you're an end user, please refer to our certified dealer contact page.

Inquiries about MrSkeleton are welcomed below
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MrSkeleton.com - A world class manufacturer/ leader - your B2B resource for affordable anatomically accurate skeletal reproduction models and accessories to the professional haunters
industry, studio prop craftsmen trade, professional prop houses,catalog & web retailers, theme, entertainment and amusement parks.

MrSkeleton.com is your world class resource for the most extensive line of skeletal components available; providing
affordable, anatomically accurate reproduction models and accessories to the professional haunters industry, studio prop
craftsmen trade, professional prop houses, catalog & online web retailers, and  theme, entertainment and amusement parks.
MrSkeleton.com supplies prop quality skeletal reproductions formerly sold under the name Bucky Boneyard
We supply everything from torsos to spines to NEW exclusive post production, out of the box ready aged skeletons and components:
which ACC did not offer in the previous line of product. Approved dealers and resellers will be able to market and sell the products
under the margin protection of authorized dealer status.

MrSkeleton.com Is based In the USA
Because MrSkeleton.com is based in the USA, you won't have to wait weeks for your order to arrive. And if you ever need friendly advice
on any aspect of your order, you can give us a call or email during the normal office hours and speak with someone who has a thorough
understanding of the line and its current availabilities.

MrSkeleton.com Is quick
Our 10.000 square foot warehouse-based operation stocks all product lines. We are not a drop ship product aggregator that relies on
any third party distributor to fill your order on our behalf. We are able to dispatch product to dealers almost as quickly as you order
them. With a next-day UPS option, your last minute re-stocks are assured. Also, when supply chain problems do occur, we wil
l update
the dealer network via timely email, fully informing with respect to any inventory shortages, outages, and restock availabilities.

MrSkeleton.com is reliable
The team behind our organization has years of experience in the "wholesale box” business. With a dedicated and focused product line,
your specialty needs are not subject to being lost among thousands of unrelated SKU’s.

MrSkeleton.com Is dedicated to collaborative innovation
MrSkeleton subscribes to the big tent concept of “coopetition” rather than competition. We are on the lookout for and work to establish
colleagues, not competitors. As manufacturer, importer, innovator, and product developer, we stand as resource partners to accomplish
your unique objectives. If you have a marketable product idea, chances are we can develop it for you.
Let's collaborate. Email our president at
Office ~ 678-776-8861
Fax ~ 770-322-7370
Email –
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